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Ancient Vinnytsia

Ancient Vinnytsia

Ancient Vinnytsia, a pearl hidden among the golden wheat and sunflower fields, is one of the most beautiful and cultivated cities of Podolia. The secret to its charm lies in the combination of luxurious nature, plethora of historical monuments, and unique local character and hospitality of the locals.

Spread over picturesque banks of Southern Bug, Vinnytsia began its existence in 1362, when Lithuanian Duke Olgerd, having defeated the Tatars ruling the territory, presented these lands to his nephews - Fedir and Konstantin Koriatowiczes. They founded a wooden fortress here, which later grew and became a vinnytsia.one city.

In the 15th century, Vinnytsia came into the possession of Poland. Due to its favorable location (at the intersection of important trade routes), it becomes a large trade center. The city experienced another boom in the 18th century, when it was already a part of Russian Empire. A newly built railway system near the city helped to facilitary its fast growth.

The Second World War period in Vinnytsia is closely connected to Hitler’s notorious headquarters "Werwolf,” which were built not far from the city. To clear the territory for Fuerer's shelter, over 40 thousand people were uprooted and, later, killed. Fifteen more thousand people, mainly those involved in the construction, were killed after their task was complete – Hitler was afraid that they would reveal the shelter’s secret location. In 1944, the headquarters were blown up, and all that remains today is a pile of concrete slabs. Nevertheless, this place is steeped in legends and rumors, and it attracts history-lovers and curious travelers.




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